Operations Director position open

Job title: 

Operations Director


MerGeo is seeking a member of the active outdoors sports community to lead its business operations, including managing staff to meet business goals and timelines, supporting the owner, office operations, equipment and supply procurement and maintenance, budget planning and bookkeeping, and customer, vendor, and partner relations.

An ideal candidate would be a strong team leader, a detail-oriented organizer, a strategic thinker, and an avid fan of outdoor recreation and what we bring to the outdoor recreation community.

Company Overview:

MerGeo is a Seattle-based company that produces private and public events that promote exploration of the outdoors, whether wooded or urban, from four kilometer trail runs to 24-hour navigation races. We love providing opportunities for beginners to engage with the outdoors, while also creating opportunities for seasoned outdoors people and top athletes to challenge themselves.

The company produces three series of events: Northwest Trail Runs, Northwest Nav Races, and Street Scramble. Most of our work centers around these events. We also provide educational services in map and compass navigation. MerGeo employs 7-12 part-time staff (around 2-3 FTEs) and are supported by dozens of volunteers who are a vital part of our team and love supporting the outdoors community as much as we do. Workload is heavier around busy event times and lighter in between.

Responsibilities include: 

  • Meet periodically with staff to support them in their roles and have check-ins between meetings to coordinate and support timely and effective performance of tasks
  • Create and maintain sharable systems for documenting and tracking goals, schedules, tasks and other vital operational information, and support the team in using and benefiting from those systems
  • Handle incoming and outgoing electronic and postal communications from official partners and government agencies, and direct those communications to other staff when appropriate
  • Maintain the company equipment and supplies, principally the truck, trailers, event supplies, and office supplies, including handling maintenance and procurement
  • Do post-event budget reports, accounting, and bookkeeping
  • Submit post-event results, reports, and payments to sanctioning organizations or permitting agencies
  • Document and reimburse expenses incurred by staff or volunteers
  • Track and receive payments due to the company, and make payments due to vendors or partners
  • Participate in an advisory role in business decisions, including operational and staffing arrangements, creating our event schedule, and how we operate and present our events

Report to: 

This position reports to and works closely with the company Owner and also works closely with other staff.

Skills & Qualifications:

  • Able to communicate effectively and maintain a good working relationship with a diversity of people both inside and outside the company
  • Able to think strategically about directing staff work and other company resources to achieve goals and milestones
  • Able to track one’s own work as well as work of other employees with whom one is coordinating. Able to assign tasks with advance notice and follow-up
  • Able to plan, track and execute tasks on a timeline of months to years
  • Computer proficiency, including Excel or a similar spreadsheet application, and comfort working with online communication, documentation, and management tools
  • Able to learn new skills and take on task areas as needed for the success of the company 

Nice-to-Have Skills:

  • Ability and comfort towing a trailer with a truck, or willingness to learn
  • Ability to do medium-to-heavy physical work, including lifting and carrying event supplies
  • Skills that overlap with other company jobs/tasks, including marketing, public speaking/presenting, map and compass literacy, logistics, visual/spatial skills, comfort working alone or with others outdoors, etc.


The office is in Magnuson Park in Seattle, WA. Events primarily take place all over the greater Puget Sound area, with some events across Washington State, though the Operations Director is not required to be at all events. Priority is placed on working at larger and more logistically demanding events. The Operations Director is expected to work in the office or another co-working location with the company Owner or other staff approximately 50% of the time and may work at home the rest of the time. Outside trips are needed for some tasks. Hours are often flexible and are dependent on the needs of current and future projects.

Employment and Compensation:

W-2 employee, 10-25 hours per week, $21/hour starting base pay with discretionary bonuses and pay raises dependent upon personal and company performance. Opportunity to increase hours and responsibilities for a very strong performer.

To apply:

Send your resume to Eric Bone at eric@mergeo.com

In the body of your e-mail, please share why this role interests or excites you.

The position will be open until filled.

Thank you!